Follicular Unit Transplant Process and Complications

Follicular Unit Transplant Follicular Unit Transplant Process and ComplicationsFollicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a surgical procedure. This procedure refers to the hair transplantation from back of the head to the balding zone. Back of the head is resistant to hair fall. This is the reason why back of the head is chosen as the donor area by the hair surgeons.

Hair is transplanted in a way that the balding area looks natural.

The scalp of the patient is anaesthetised before removing a strip of tissue from the area. After the removal, this tissue is cut into many follicular units. This is done using a technique known as microscopic dissection.

The arrangement of the follicular grafts decides the quality of the aesthetic of the transplantation surgery. This positioning is determined based on the hair loss history of the patients. Follicular units reflect the natural growth of hair. Therefore, these units are used to cover the affected area of the patient’s head.

Follicular Units

Since the ancient age people believed that hair on the scalp grows as individual strands. However, this is a wrong perception as hair grows in groups. The groups of the hair are called follicular units. Even after the discovery of the little groups of hair, the surgeons were reluctant to use these for hair restoration.

Later the concept of FUT was introduced in the hair surgery process. These units are not merely groups of hair. These contain blood vessel, muscle and nerves. Entire unit is wrapped in collagen. The collagen gives the units a different structure.

For maximum survival of hair and fullness of the volume, surgeons keep the hair group intact. The follicular units are very small. Due to this, expertise of the surgeon is required to keep these units from getting damaged or torn during the surgery.


Microscopic dissection is one of the most important aspects of this surgery. The dissection isolates the hair group from the donor area without damaging or breaking them. Keeping the unit away from damage requires excellent surgical skill.

Slivering is the first step of the dissection. In this step, the surgeon disassociates the donor strips into tiny sections. This is achieved by bypassing scalpel blades through the gap around the hair group.

Surgeons, who are performing the surgery, do not cut through the hair tissues. The technique produces small pieces of hairs with undamaged tissues.

Holding Solutions

There is an array of solutions available for storing the hair grafts while the surgery takes place. Proper preservation of the grafts is important to ensure hair growth and maintain visibility.

Surgery Procedure

This procedure takes an entire day to perform. This surgery is usually performed under local anaesthesia and sedation. After giving you a mild sedative, your scalp will be numb and the doctor will remove the donor strip. Once the removal is done, the strip will be divided and placed for microscopic dissection.

As the hair is harvested, the surgeons make tiny recipient sites on the balding area. The hair group graft is placed in this balding area with fine surgical instruments. After placing the graft, it is essential to clean the scalp.

At the last stage when the graft is placed properly, the positions will be checked once again. Since bandage or dressing is used on the operated area, you can wear a baseball cap to cover it for the time being.

After the surgery

You can go back to your normal life after the second day. Some complication may arise after the surgery is over. Poor hair growth is the most common after effect of the surgery. This can be taken care of by consulting the doctor.

Before opting for the surgery, you need to find information about the hair transplant cost. Different surgeons may have different charges. It is important to find a well known and established surgeon for the surgery.


Explain Hearing test journey from start to finish

 Explain Hearing test journey from start to finishGod has been kind enough to make our lives comfortable through HIS unique blessings. The ability of hearing is such a gift that enables us to interact with our fellow beings and the society in common. However, few amongst us suffer from the hearing loss diseases that put them to great inconvenience, depression and other problems. That’s where the hearing tests help the sufferers to put their lives back to normalcy after proper treatment of the concerned ailment. Continue reading


Skin Allergy – There is More to it Then You Might Think

As the boffins invent more chemicals and additives that are then used as ingredients in the products that we use every day, the number of people that suffer from allergies or intolerances has seen an increase. Some allergies are fairly mild and seen as really nothing more than an annoyance. However other allergies can be completely debilitating and mean that the sufferer has to change their lifestyle. A skin allergy is often thought of as one of the worst because an outbreak of symptoms can mean that the person affected is unable to bear any material next to their skin.

There is a wide range of allergens that can cause a skin allergy and most of us will instantly think of the better known ones. But in reality there are some allergens that we have to face each and every day that would certainly not be the first to spring to mind when you think of skin allergy. The following is a list of some of the more unusual causes of skin allergy (hudallergi is the term in Danish) to give you an idea of just what sufferers may have to face.

Sunlight – Many people look forward to waking up in the morning to see the sunlight shining through the curtains. They jump out of bed and spend as much time outdoors as possible enjoying the warmth. However for others the sight of the sun in the morning makes them want to head for the nearest underground bunker as they are actually allergic to the sun’s rays. The symptoms tend to be a rash which is red and sore while others may develop hives and more severe reactions. Those who suffer from this type of allergy will have to smother themselves in total sun block and ensure that they cover as much of their body as possible with clothing and hats or simply stay indoors.

Sweat – Whenever a person gets warm or exerts themselves they will sweat, which is perfectly normal and can be dealt with by using deodorants and having regular washes and showers. But for some people the act of sweating turns into a complete nightmare. This is because the chemicals that their body is secreting in the sweat have become allergens and cause a skin allergy. Most sufferers of this type of allergy find that their symptoms are less severe. However this is an extremely frustrating type of skin allergy as it is almost impossible to completely stop a body from sweating.

Water – When the majority of people wake up in the morning they head for the shower to get themselves ready to face the day ahead. But what if that shower then caused welts and blisters to appear all over their body? For some this is a reality as they suffer from a skin allergy that is caused by water. Those who suffer from a severe reaction will find that being caught in the rain or even facing damp air can cause an outbreak of symptoms and sufferers will have to rely on taking tablets on a daily basis to control the allergy.

So there you have some of the more unusual causes of skin allergy that people have to face on a daily basis. This shows that it is always a good idea to consult a medical professional if you develop symptoms of an allergy. They will be able to carry out a test to confirm your allergy and you will then be able to ensure that you control it rather than it controlling you.


When Keeping Active Doesn’t Pay

Very often, anxiety and stress are linked to one particular facet of disturbed living—a sense that there isn’t enough time to get things done.

For many years now it has been argued that a certain type of person suffers in this way and this has led to the concept that perhaps it is an inborn characteristic. Personally I doubt this, and learned habits of behavior seem much more likely to lead to the development of a “time-deprived” type of person who wrestles in­cessantly with the clock. I fancy that men and women react rather dif­ferently when obsessed by this “lack of time” feeling. Women tend to develop symptoms of anxiety and depression due to many different reasons such as love issues, health problems, acne, weight loss issues, etc.—which is bad enough. But in the case of men it can affect the heart and is liable to bring on a sharp, possibly lethal attack of coronary thrombosis. Here are two letters that highlight this problem.

Question: For some time now my nerves have been in a mess. Admittedly I’ve got a lot on my plate with three children under five. My husband is on short time and, to help out with money, I’ve taken an evening job in a bar at a local hotel. In a nutshell, my problem is this: try as I can, I don’t seem able to keep on top of things. I get up feeling low and don’t seem to be able to make any headway. I always seem to be in a muddle. As soon as I decide to try and give the kitchen a really good clean-up, something else comes along to distract me. The more I rush around the worse things seem to get, Recently, I have got so tense that even the telephone makes me panic. If the children knock something down I jump out of my skin. I only feel reasonable when I’ve had a couple of drinks at the bar. My husband says I ought to get Valium. Can you sort me out, please?

Answer:  You really need pro­fessional help. Stress has entered your life in a big way, and, unless you do something soon, you could end up a casualty. I think the evening job must go, despite its financial attrac­tions and the “therapy” in the way of alcohol (and company and change) that it is providing. The effects

of alcohol are short-lived and its side-effects and the possibility of dependency and addiction are well known. Valium, like alcohol, is a prop that is very easy to lean on and doctors have recently started to realise that many of the Valium-type drugs commonly used are habit-forming. Because of this the medical pro­fession is advising that their use be limited to short periods of therapy. You could well be suffering from a mild depressive illness, in which case you are more likely to be helped by antidepressive medication called 5-htp. Really, your doctor should be consulted, and perhaps the answer to the next question will be helpful to you, too.


4 Best Therapies That Can Help In Coping with Rheumatoid Arthritis

classesclasses bg 170x300 4 Best Therapies That Can Help In Coping  with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Patients who are suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis need proper medication in order to fight the disease effectively. For these patients, nothing can be considered as a substitute for medicinal treatment. However, indulging in some physical activities can be equally helpful for these patients, even though they may experience some pain initially.

Several types of therapy programs can be undertaken by these patients in order to keep their joints and body active and working, while the medicine works its wonder against the disease itself. Here are some types of therapies that can help the patients of Rheumatoid Arthritis in coping with the disease in a better way:

Regular Exercise

For all the patients who are suffering from Arthritis, exercising regularly is very important to keep them healthy. During Arthritis, it is important to keep your joints flexible and strong so that you can avoid putting unnecessary stress on other body structures. Exercising regularly can help in keeping the joints of Arthritis patients working in a better condition while relieving pain to some extent.

In patients suffering from the disease, exercise can also prove to be helpful in reducing the risk of several other health conditions, such as osteoporosis and depression that is quite common in these people. However, since exercise is not an easy task for these people to achieve, it is recommended that they select an enjoyable and easy-going activity and don’t overdo the exercise in any way.

Physical Therapy

For Arthritis patients, physical therapies are often recommended by their doctors in order to keep their various body parts strong and active. This therapy is often recommended when patients are experiencing problems with specific body parts. Therapists use several different methods such as heat, ice, exercises, moves and electrical stimulation that can help in reducing any internal swelling that is causing the pain while strengthening the muscles. Patients who are going through PT can combine their exercise schedule with it by consulting their therapist.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is designed to give patients as much independence as possible in carrying out their daily activities. Patients suffering from Arthritis can often face difficulties in performing their day-to-day activities due to the inflammation in their joints.

Occupational therapy can help them identify key problem areas and ways they can be countered. The therapist suggests exercises and moves that can help in keeping the muscles active, enabling these people to carry out their activities. Wherever possible, therapists also suggest the use of assistive devices for these patients that can help them throughout the day.

Mind-Body Therapy

Mind-body therapies are used to make the patients suffering from Arthritis feel better by using their mind as a source of optimism. This therapy exercises your mind to make your body feel good about it. The purpose is to shift the mental focus towards the elimination of pain and increase in strength. These exercises include meditation, yoga and relaxation exercises that can help Arthritis patients in leading a better life by focusing on something other than their disease.

With the help of these therapies, people suffering from this disease can easily keep weariness and in activeness of joints away, bringing peace to their mind and body. These therapies and several other different therapies like Sports Massage in London can be helpful for many patients who are suffering from different health issues as a result of a disease, accident or trauma. If you want to restore your health after any such situation, look for a therapy that suits your needs.

Author’s Bio: The author is a health and fitness consultant who writes about various health-related issues that people are usually unaware of. Various types of therapies can be used to restore health in case of accidents and other situations such as a Sports Massage in London. To learn more about them, visit

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10 Principles A Great Nurse Follows

Always Put Your Patients First

Always keep at the front of your mind the reason you chose nursing as a career. That should simply be ‘to help people.’ This is a commitment you made when you undertook your training and it means that you must always put your patients’ needs ahead of your own. If you truly take on board the responsibility for caring for others you will find that your patients always come first.

Represent Your Profession Well

You have a responsibility to represent your chosen profession well at all times. Good nurses are held in great affection by patients. Make sure you are a nurse whose kindness and patience will be remembered by a family in distress. Your job as a nurse is to present a calm, professional and warm welcome. If you do this with every single patient you see, you will be a great comfort and be representing your profession well.

Work as a Team

Part of looking after patients well involves supporting your colleagues. Treat them with respect and always pull your weight, or it will be noticed. There may come a time when you are asked for a favour. Try to be accommodating as it won’t be long before you will need a favour in return. Don’t leave less pleasant work for others to do and don’t gossip about work colleagues. You must maintain as professional an attitude to colleagues as you do to your patients.


Ask For Help If You Need It

If you find yourself feeling overcome, either emotionally or physically, ask for help. Looking after people all day is tremendously demanding and you can find yourself run down and drained if you do not maintain a sense of balance towards your job. You owe it to your patients to look after yourself   after all, if you are off sick with exhaustion, you won’t be there to care for them at all.

If You Don’t Know, Ask

Medicine is a complex business and you cannot be expected to know all the answers all the time. It is also a dangerous business if not carried out correctly. Never guess. If you don’t know, ask. No one will mind and you will learn. It is better than making a mistake.


Maintain a Sense of Humour

Working with people is sometimes difficult, but almost everyone responds to a smile and a joke. Keep a sense of humour with patients, as it will relax them and help their recovery.

Work Life Balance

A nurse can only be at her best if she doesn’t entirely sacrifice her life to nursing. It is extremely important to maintain a good work/life balance and to make time for your family and friends. Try to take a holiday every year to recharge your batteries and remind yourself that you have a life outside of the hospital walls.

Don’t Take On More Than You Should

Even if you are saving for something that means a lot to you, don’t take on more shifts than you can actually manage, however tempting. By getting overtired you may be putting your patients at risk.

Look After Younger Nurses

Pass on what you know to newly trained nurses   you were one once. Try not to be impatient with their inexperience, even if you are under pressure. If you can be a great role model, you will be a great nurse.

Be Honest

Never lie about anything. Honesty is central to good nursing. If you get something wrong, own it and learn from it. Your integrity is central to your professionalism.


What All Options Biobanking Software Provides

Bio-banks also known as a repository for biological samples are more significant these days than their invention in the 1900s. They play a very significant role in proliferation of life saving research areas like genomics or personalized medicine. The clientele list of bio-banks includes pharmaceutical companies, non-profit firms, hospitals and universities. To serve the clients well biobanking organizations must be able to efficiently store, curate, maintain access and document the wide variety of specimens in an organized and timely manner. To achieve this bio-banks have to rely on a collection of software’s. There are three basic kinds of software and their functions are mentioned below.

Customized Off-the-Shelf Software: This is the most simple and least expensive software available for biobanks to handle their collection. Firms providing this software, offer support online and telephonically, however they do not give in house maintenance and installation, which is a major drawback. These companies will have to have a well-trained and experienced staff with the right expertise to set up the system in order to perform well within the given parameters. In addition, the biobank has to adapt to the software instead of the software confirming to the workflow and procedures of the biobank. It is necessary to create extra spreadsheets and reports in order to track information, which is not inherent in the software.

Customized Software: The customized software includes the COTS system and changes it according to the requirements of the specific biobank. However this software comes a little expensive than the ordinary COTS software and provides customer flexibility within the parameters. The cost can easily increase if the system is modified radically.

Custom-Written Software: This software is the ultimate solution to manage biobank workflow but it costs a lot. This customized system ranges from twenty to twenty five million dollars depending on the size and requirements that the client demands. This software has to be changed and modified with time depending on the growth of the biobank, which means a lot of dependency on the team that has developed the software to start with. Since the turnover in the computer science industry is high and keeps changing, it is uncommon for the same group, which has developed the software to be giving the services in the years ahead hence leaving the biobank stranded when the time for expansion comes.

Hybridization software: This is the best choice when it comes to biobank software’s. It offers the flexibility of customization at the cost of COTS software. Few companies do offer this option but in that case, it is important for the biobanks to check if the systems offered are scalable, and if they do charge per user fee. In addition, find out whether they run on a range of operating systems. This is the best choice for the progressive specimen tracking institutions as offer the best affordable prices and the most enabled tracking system.

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The Day And Age Of Dental Implants

Today is the day and age of dental implants. Everyone is going for them when they are missing one or two of their natural teeth. Tooth loss becomes a reality in old age. Again, even in youngsters, accidents or lack of nutrition and other diseases can cause tooth loss. In all such cases, one either has to opt for dentures or bridges in order to cover up the gap of the missing tooth. These solutions involved a lot of hassles which used to burden such people for life. Today, thanks to the modern advances in dentistry, one can find more convenient and permanent solutions in the form of dental implants.

About Getting A Dental Implant Done

If you are keen to know how dental implants Austin work, these are designed to replace real teeth in every way. They look and feel as well as function as natural teeth. The advancements in implant dentistry have much progressed from the time they were introduced. Today the process of dental implants is a successful one and one does not need to fear complications to occur during such a procedure. What is more, no one other than the patient will know that they are wearing implants as one will only see a perfect smile made of natural teeth.


Problems With Missing Teeth

There are many people who lose out on a tooth or have problems with their teeth due to which they are unable to eat everything that they want. They might not be able to have too hot or too cold food items and nor can they bite into a raw fruit anymore without the fear of dislodging a broken tooth completely. Today, due to the availability of dental implants, one does not need to fear such restrictions any more. One can freely walk into a dental clinic and demand a dental implant.

Advances In Dental Implant Processes

Today dental implants are free from complications and one does not need to take on the hassle of dentures when they can get implants. One simply needs to realize all the advantages of leading a normal life that only dental implants can give them. If one has been deprived of their favorite food for a long time, it does not have to be that way anymore. One can enjoy all the food that they wish to have and that too within a short period of time after the implant procedure is done. From juicy meat steaks to biting into a crisp apple, one can enjoy the benefit of healthy teeth after they undergo such a procedure.Checkout cosmetic dentistry for more details about dental implants.

 The Day And Age Of Dental Implants

How Implants Score Over Dentures

There are many people who wonder what are the benefits of implants over dentures. Many people miss tasting their food when they have dentures fitted. The sense of smell is linked to one’s palate and both play a role in allowing one to enjoy the taste and smell of the food as they eat. As the removable dentures cover the palate area, much of the smell of the food is prevented from reaching the nose and in turn, the sense of taste is compromised. Dental implants allow one to enjoy their food to the fullest.


Busted – The Top Three Crazy Hair Loss Myths That You Need To Ignore

“I’ve got pains in my stomach”, “research it on the internet”, “oh no! I am dying!!!!”… Sound familiar? The problem with the current generation is that everyone seems to use Google as a replacement for their family doctor. If you are experiencing an issue with your body that you are not used to, then it is very easy and tempting to simply go online and unearth what is going on. However, the problem with the internet is that everything on there is not the truth – shockingly horrific!

One area whereby a huge amount of rumours seem to circulate is with regards to hair loss. There are some ridiculous myths surrounding the reasons why people may lose their hair. People end up convinced that their hair is thinning or falling out because they wash it too much, or they eat too much of a particular food, or play with their hair too frequently. Do not believe any of these, as some of the craziest hair loss myths mentioned below have been busted.

 “I’m losing a bit of hair, so I am going to lose it all!”

Ladies, don’t panic! If you notice a bit of your hair falling out it doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to go bald. If you are concerned, then by all means you should see a consultant. They will be able to give you a certain answer. But don’t freak yourself out. Every single person loses hair every single day. In fact, you can lose anything up to approximately 100 hairs a day. So, a few strands of hair falling out, is no reason to panic.

“You straighten your hair loads of time; it is going to fall out one day”

There is this monumental misconception that the products you use on your hair causes hair loss. Admittedly excessive use of hair straighteners can result in damage. But, hair straightening and alike does not result in permanent loss of hair. So, don’t feel you need to go out of the house with a frizzy mane simply because you are afraid to straighten it, as you feel you will lose your hair – it won’t happen! And don’t forget, this applies to everything from hair tongs to a blow dryer.

“If you cut your hair frequently you will reduce the chance of losing it”

A lot of people seem to think that if they cut their hair a lot then it will grow back thicker. Therefore, they come to the conclusion that they reduce the chance of losing their hair because they are frequently engaging in the hair re-growth process. This is all wrong. When you cut your hair it does not grow back thicker. Sometimes it may feel thicker, but this is simply because your hair is generally a lot thicker at the base. So, cancel your weekly visit to the hairdressers.

The three myths mentioned in this article are some of the most common yet most crazy ones surrounding hair loss. A final myth you shouldn’t believe is that, there is nothing you can do if you begin losing your hair. This is wrong, as there are various treatment options to cure you from continuous loss of hair.


Tips for Males Rhinoplasty

 Tips for Males Rhinoplasty
We always hear of rhinoplasty among women celebrities. But then rhinoplasty can be beneficial to men too. Rhinoplasty among men can address health needs as well as aesthetic needs too. Right now, statistics show that more and more men are trying to improve looks and alleviate aging toll through cosmetic surgery. Among the most popular procedure there is among these males is the rhinoplasty.

There is though a considerable difference between a rhinoplasty for women and men. The major consideration with this is the shape of the nose to be achieved. Males usually would have had wanted a strong and high nose.
Here are the things that should make the male nose after rhinoplasty right.

1. The nose should be strong. Rhinoplasty among men has these clients who would want a nose that wound dip to a more feminine look. Most men would want it tweaked but still will come out manly.

2. The tip should appear neutral after. This wills mean that the tip shouldn’t slope much downward or shouldn’t turn up too.

3. Hump should be reduced. This will altogether change the appearance of the nose. This will contribute to the overall natural result of the rhinoplasty.

Each of these should be according to the needs of the patient. No two patients are the same. A good evaluation process can determine the right nose shape for you.

Things Males should Remember Before undergoing Rhinoplasty

1. Choose the right doctor. There will be certain doctors or surgeons who will be apt for your needs. These doctors can be specializing in male rhinoplasty or expert on it. This way, you will be sure that you won’t end up looking like women with a too feminine nose as too many surgeons today are focused on women rhinoplasty.

2. Discuss your goals with your doctor. Whether it is to remove nasal obstruction, to reduce the bump or to reduce width, everything should be discussed with your doctor. There will be things that should go with your rhinoplasty too and discussing it with the expert can be enlightening. A thorough talk and evaluation will give you the knowledge of what you will be facing and expecting.

3. Take the extra and proper care after the surgery. This is where most rhinoplasty patients fail. They forgot all the dos and don’ts giving them undesirable complications later. All things that should be avoided such as smoke, vices, heavy lifting and exercises should be followed strictly. Following it doesn’t only mean that you will get to heal right, it would mean you’ll be getting the right nose that you aimed for.

Men and women are alike in the sense of search for beauty. But we should remember that men and women’s beauty are really different. Right rhinoplasty can make or break your looks. So if you are one of those men who are contemplating for a nose job, better get the best doctor fast. Set and appointment and you are all set.

About the Author:

Writing has started as a hobby when she was younger then people tend to amazed by her works. She then chose writing as a career and also dream of becoming a famous author of her books. For now, she is a full time writer for a health-beauty magazine. For her, health is a wealth that can always treasure until we get older. Living a healthy lifestyle is also the key to staying beautiful and youthful glow. However these days, facial cosmetic surgery is popular to make you look younger than you age. Celebrities undergo these treatments since look is an essential factor in line of business. Another is people tend to look up to them so they should look great on and off camera. Facial plastic surgery enhances any part of your face and also makes those wrinkles and deep lines disappear.

In her recent article, she tackles about tips for male rhinoplasty, primary rhinoplasty and how to choose the most reliable surgeon for the operation to be a success. Stress, sun exposure and even the beauty products that we use can cause early signs of aging which are unavoidable today. Since appearance is an asset in these modern times, people tend to undergo it even though it cost them some fortune. According to her, the wellness of our body is our responsibility and it will always reflect on our physical look.