4 Tasty Superfoods To Add To Your Diet

4 Tasty Superfoods

The goal for most is always the same – look good be stay healthy. Whether your motivation stems from yourself or someone else. Healthy eating is the most important aspect of living a healthy and fit lifestyle. You can only look as good on the outside as what you put inside your body. So the old adage is true, we are what we eat. It’s a simple concept to grasp; however, this is easier said than done.

Below we have listed 4 foods that everyone should consider when planning their healthy diets. Don’t worry, we’ve picked the tasty ones.


Peanuts are high in protein, and due their chemical composition they are used in a variety of forms such as butter, oil, flour, and flakes. It is a good source of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) which serves beneficial to the heart during extended periods lacking oxygen (as in high altitudes or clogged arteries). Roasting peanuts increase p-coumaric acid levels, boosting it overall antioxidant content by as much as 22%,. Just a quarter cup will do the trick. Did you know one quarter cup of peanuts contains as much monounsaturated fat as a tablespoon of olive oil? Monounsaturated fats have been shown to lower blood cholesterol.


Blueberries, as you may already know, are full of healthy antioxidants. Antioxidants are great for detoxification. Detox is always essential for a healthy living. Personally, I recommend foot detox pads as well. Another great aspect to Blueberries is Vitamin C! Vitamin C helps aid circulation to the blood vessels in your scalp that feed into the hair follicles. Consuming enough Vitamin C is important to prevent hair breakage contributing to overall hair health.


Chop em, stew em, or cook up these babies and throw them in your pasta! Tomatoes are very high in lycopene, which eliminates the free- radicals that cause damage to skin from ultra-violet rays. Lycopene has an added bonus too; it helps prevent against heart disease and cancer. Tomatoes are the superfruit many people forget about.


Popeye isn’t the only one who needs to eat this stuff. This super food is rich in folate. Folate does wonders to protect against skin cancer and known to fix and preserve DNA structure, which lowers the risk of tumors forming. The high water concentration in spinach also helps the skin to look fresher and tighter. Don’t forget about the iron and Vitamin C! These nutrients foster the circulation around the hair follicles and also keep the oil glands in proper function so that your hair doesn’t become dry and brittle.


There are numerous health food options out there to choose from when planning a diet. Some better than others; in taste and in benefits for your body. There are plenty of healthy foods that taste delicious; but hopefully we have given you some food for thought for that next trip to the kitchen.

This article was written by Peter Julian, superfood guru and foot detox advocate with BodyPure.

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