5 Reasons to Sign Up for Spinning Class

You’ll find many fitness classes in Dublin, but one of the most popular ones is spinning class. Spinning class takes place on the top of the range exercise bikes, you’ll be working in a group as you are all lead through the exercise with a professional coach. It’s fun, lively and motivational, ideal for anyone who loves to be pushed to work as hard as possible (within their own personal limits) and encouraged by the solidarity of others. You can go with friends or even make new friends as you travel over multiple terrains, burning off calories and toning up your body. Have a quick read of the 5 reasons to join spin class below if you’re still not sure if spinning class is for you.

The Whole Body Workout

Spinning classes work the whole body, not only the legs. While legs are being worked on, many of the instructors are now introducing weights and playing with the exercises to ensure you leave with a full body workout. It may sound too intense for your liking, but remember there are different classes for different abilities. There’s no need to push yourself further than you’re able to go. You’ll soon see an increase in your fitness levels and abilities.

Your Legs will Look Fantastic

While this is a whole body workout there is no denying the impact that spinning classes has on the legs. You won’t bulk up, you’ll end up with lean pins that are defined and toned. Your sculpted legs will leave you feeling fantastic and strong.

The Buzz of the Ride

You will notice a definite buzz once you’ve finished your workout at  Spinning releases all those wonderful happy hormones known as endorphins. After losing yourself in the music, being inspired by your coach and giving yourself an effective workout you’ll be left feeling euphoric.

Being Part of a Team

Some people work out more effectively when they workout with others, which is why spinning is a great choice. You won’t be riding alone; there will be other people in the class that are feeling all the emotions that you are. You’ll work together to encourage and inspire, often good friendships are formed in the gyms in Dublin, as you all work together and provide support for one another.

Your Bum will Cope

The first spinning class will most likely leave your bum feeling a little sore, unless you already ride a bike. Thankfully your bum won’t be in the seat for the entire class, you’ll probably find yourself standing for half of the length of the class. Over time you will get used to this work out and it won’t take as long as you think it will. The benefits to spinning make the aches so worthwhile, and before you know, you won’t even notice it.

Spinning classes are an excellent option if you want to get into shape fast, burn off some calories and define your body shape.

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