5 Ways to Promote Wellness in Your Dog

Your dog is your constant companion and your best furry friend, so why not take a few easy steps to help promote his health and wellness? With the five tips below, you can help your dog look and feel his best every day.

  1. Cannabis for Pets? Yes!

Did you know that, just as cannabis can be a great healer for humans, it could also have positive effects on the health of your dog? Products like Canna-Pet have made it easy for pet parents to deliver the benefits of cannabinoids to their pets on a regular basis. CBD pet supplements are non-psychoactive, but rather help combat a wide range of ailments, from emotional problems like anxiety to physical problems like joint pain.

  1. Add Herbs to Your Pet’s Diet

To tackle a range of health problems, as well as prevent illnesses before they can even take hold, you can supplement your dog’s diet with some natural herbs. For example, you can use milk thistle to protect your dog’s liver while also improving the organ’s function. If your dog has had to take any medications that could adversely affect the liver, milk thistle may help undo the damage.

  1. Feed Your Dog a High-Quality Diet

What you eat has a big impact on your health, and the same holds true for your dog. There are a lot of dog foods out there, but many of them are made with low-quality ingredients like meat by-products and allergenic grains like wheat, soy, and corn. Therefore, when shopping for your dog’s food, it is best to read ingredients labels closely. Look for real meat ingredients, natural fruit and vegetables, and high-quality supplements to fill nutritional gaps whether your dog prefers dry food or canned food. And if you want to, you could even feed your dog a raw diet or a homemade cooked diet to be sure he is getting the very best foods to eat.

  1. Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

Dental problems are common in canines, and prevention is the key to avoiding expensive dental cleanings and extractions. Plus, dental disease could even be associated with other serious problems like kidney failure and heart disease. So purchase some teeth-cleaning dog treats, as well as a toothpaste and toothbrush for canines. Then, brush your pet’s teeth at least every other day.

  1. Keep Parasites at Bay

Your dog spends a lot of time in the great outdoors and every summer seems to be the worst in terms of flea and tick populations. To keep your dog—and your family—safe from these parasites, apply a topical treatment like Frontline every month. This simple step will help kill fleas and ticks before they can cause problems.

By implementing the five tips above, you could promote wellness in your dog, and you might even notice a difference in the way that he behaves because he will feel more energy every day.

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