Arms workout for women without equipments

If you are packing off to your favorite haven for a much needed break and you are apprehensive about falling behind on your daily workout regime, you can just sit back and relax. There are several forms of exercises that can be done without the help of machines and equipments, regardless of whether you are exercising for well toned calves or other muscles of the body. And if it is arms workouts you are worried about, here are given few alternative options that you can try out till the time you don’t return to your nest again.

Alternative arms workout options for women

The arms workouts for women are simple and you can do the following simple exercises to keep your arms well toned. In these cases, all you do is use your bodyweight as resistance. Try these out.

  • Pushups (Triceps) – In this the muscles of the shoulders, triceps, and chest muscles work in tandem. This is a very effective form of exercise and you can start it with a lower number of pushups, if you have just started off and then gradually increase it over a period of time. An important aspect that you must keep in mind is that unless you are comfortable in doing a particular form of exercise, you should never strain or overdo it till the time your body doesn’t catch up the momentum or is ready to take the extra exertion. Doing so, only leads to muscle wastage, a condition that ought to be avoided and does more harm than good to the one doing the exercises.

  • Dips – The same principle applies for the dips too. You can use a chair for the same. If you have just started off with this form of exercise as arms workout, go steady. Do not strain your muscles. Perform as many dips as you are comfortable with.

Arms workouts for elderly women

The arms workouts for women that are meant for the elderly can be less straining than the exercises performed by younger women. It has been observed that ladies that have attained menopause tend to put on the so called “post menopausal weight”. Not only that they usually lose muscle tone. And for such individuals, triangle pushup exercises are the best bet. This is because women post menopause tends to lose elasticity of their triceps that tend to start sagging down. Alternatively, depending on which muscles require extra toning, triceps kickbacks and the so called dips are equally effective.

Prior to starting these exercises, elderly women can get themselves checked for joint health and whether or not they can go ahead with a particular type of exercise. Not all exercises are suitable for women especially as they are prone to ailments that result from calcium deficiencies and resulting joint disorders.

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