Evil Within: Clean Your Furniture!

Courtesy of Shutterstock.
Courtesy of Shutterstock.

When I lived in Egypt I was quite shocked by local cleaning habits and traditions. Every middle class family in Egypt has a maid who comes every week to clean the apartment. It normally takes her up to five hours to clean every room and every couch. The maid would dust every pillow, mattress, chair, and couch. She would clean windows weekly. It is impossible to imagine this kind of cleaning in the US or Europe as not that many people have house keepers. No one really wants to spend hours cleaning the house on a Sunday morning. Clearly this thorough type of cleaning would make your furniture last for years, but it does not mean that you need to do the same and spend five hours cleaning your house.

Facts worth knowing

Your furniture, just like your house floors, needs to be cleaned and dusted. You can’t see all the microscopic particles in the upholstery of your couch, that’s why you need to clean it once in a while. In some severe cases dust and dust mites may even cause allergies and asthma. Dust mites hide in pillows, mattresses and blankets. Make sure you clean your furniture every now and then in order to avoid these issues.

Another reason to take a good care of your furniture is that it would last for a long time and look nice. You don’t need to work hard to keep it clean; you just need to be consistent with your cleaning routine. Regular dusting is not that difficult.

The following cleaning tips would help in keeping your apartment nice and tidy:

  • If you have dust mites in your bed, never go to sleep with wet hair. The water from your hair would create
    Courtesy of Shutterstock.
    Courtesy of Shutterstock.

    a good environment for them to multiply;

  • Clean your curtains and couch pillows at the same time. Take off the covers and dust the cushions on the balcony. It is important to clean your living room all at once, otherwise you’ll forget to dust something the next time you clean;
  • You should vacuum clean your upholstered furniture weekly. It wouldn’t take much time. You should flip the couch pillows regularly to make their surface even;
  • Flip your carpet upside down for vacuum cleaning. If you do this once a month your carpet would stay cleaner for longer time;
  • If you use carpet shampoos, make sure that they are suitable for your carpet. Some of them are not suitable for wool;
  • Mix one cup of vinegar with three cups of water, soak a cotton towel in this mixture and put it on the stain. This method would help you to remove any dog odors from the rug. Use a hairdryer or a fan to dry your carpet as soon as possible.
  • Dusting your mattress is also important. Don’t forget to vacuum clean it at least once a month and to flip it every 6 months, this way you will get rid of dust mites. If you plan on cleaning your mattress watch this video.

Guest post by contributing author Linda. She’s currently working together with World Market, a huge webshop with items such as cost plus rugs. 

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