Great Activities For Grandparents And Grandchildren

Time spent between grandparents and grandchildren is a special thing and massively beneficial for everyone. The children get to spend time with their grandparents and vice versa and, let’s not lie, grandparents are always handy babysitting services too!

With all that in mind, here are some great activities that grandparents and grandchildren can do together:


Gardening is a fantastic hobby that has amazing benefits for people of pretty much any age. Many older people love spending time in their gardens and so it’s a perfect opportunity to pass on their enthusiasm to their grandchildren. They might want to keep them away from their prize petunias but the kids could have their own little flower bed or vegetable patch where they could plant their own things. is a great site to help get the children or grandchildren interested in gardening.


Reading books

Reading plenty of books is absolutely essential for children if they’re to develop their reading skills for later life, but it will also help their writing and speaking skills too. Grandparents can listen to their grandchildren read to them but they can also keep their own mind sharp by doing some of the reading themselves, although this does work better with slightly older children. School children get reading to do as part of their homework so reading together can help with that as well. This is also something that grandparents can do no matter their physical ability or whether they’re in a retirement home or not.

Arts and crafts

Kids love to get messy so arts and crafts are always a winner. It also promotes their fine motor skills as they learn to grip pencils and paintbrushes or use modelling clay, and this can also be a benefit for older people too as they can sometimes struggle with motor skills. Just remember to put something down to catch the paint!


No you might think that cooking with children isn’t a great idea (they don’t taste that great) but it’s a fantastic way of teaching them an essential life skill, and they absolutely love it. The best way to introduce them to cooking is to get them baking. Making cakes is actually pretty easy and requires plenty of mixing, which is something they can definitely help with. They’ll also love licking the spoon at the end! Here are some great recipes for kids to get you started.

Board games

Because everyone loves a good board game! This can involve the whole family and there are plenty of games that are suitable for young and old. You can even get children’s versions of games like Trivial Pursuit now too. Always best to keep it simple for younger children, obviously. Trying to explain them why you are remortgaging your train stations in Monopoly might be a bit much for them to take in.

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