Guide to Vegan Protein and Supplements

While carnivores insist that you won’t be able to get enough protein as a vegan, the reality is that there are plenty of options out there for the health-conscious individual. Before you give in to the negativity and sacrifice your health, you might want to consider this quick guide to organic vegan protein powder.

Why Make It Vegan?

Even if you are not explicitly a vegan, there are many reasons that you might want to consider vegan protein rather than some of the other alternatives. The most popular option out there today is whey, and though it certainly is packed with plenty of protein, it also brings with it other chemicals that can actually inhibit your growth and slow down results. Similarly, casein protein is great for building mass, but its overall health effects can also lead to overall health loses rather than gains. Instead, vegan protein options ensure you get the healthy sources your body needs.

Hemp Protein Powder

One of the most popular organic vegan protein powder options today, hemp powder is definitely a good idea for those who like an intense workout. The protein content is matched only by the healthy fats, which make it a great option for your pre-workout protein. In addition to this, it comes from a fully natural source, which means it can be easily absorbed in the body.

Pea Protein Powder

Depending on your individual physiology, you might find that pea protein is absorbed into your system even more easily than hemp protein. Coming from a natural vegetable source, it can be easily processed in your body and sent to the muscles that need it. It is great after a hard workout and builds lean muscle mass quickly.

Blue-Green Algae

Perhaps the most controversial due to its source, blue-green algae actually makes for an exceptional protein powder. Also called spirulina, it not only provides plenty of protein, but it can also improve heart health, lower cholesterol, aid with weight loss, clear the body of toxins, and much more. Overall, it is a true super performer and can help you push through all variety of workout.

Which Organic Vegan Protein Powder is Best?

Ultimately, your objective can influence what powder you use. Both pea and hemp protein powders tend to be popular among those who are looking to build large muscle mass and offer their own benefits, such as hemp powders correspondingly high fat content. On the other hand, blue-green algae usually comes fortified with vitamin B-12, which is essential for vegans who might not be getting this nutrient otherwise. Additionally, it provides a more balanced and complete protein that can be used by anyone for general exercise performance.

Beyond the organic vegan protein powder though, it is important that you also consider the other supplements you might want to take. Foods like wheatgrass will go a long way to ensuring you not only have the protein you need, but also get a complete vitamin and mineral load. Despite what carnivores like to say, the truth is that eating vegan not only affords the opportunity for all of the nutrients you need, but it also provides a much healthier way to do so.

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