How to Choose the Ideal Fitness Class for Your Needs

When it comes to becoming fit, we each have our own preference – some of us pay particular attention to what we eat, whilst some of us tend to go down the exercise path. There are also those who prefer to combine the two, and, more often than not, these individuals are those who succeed in long-term weight loss and wellness.

If you are serious about changing your body and improving your overall health, one of the best ways to do this is by joining a fitness class. By participating in a fitness class, exercise becomes more fun as you share the experience with other people. Fitness classes have become increasingly popular, especially since there are a wide variety of classes to choose from. But if you are planning to join a fitness class in your gym, what class should you choose? If you are earnest about your fitness goals, you should choose a fitness class that works best for your objectives.

Determine what your goals are

Wherever you reside, you will surely find plenty of gyms that offer a broad selection of fitness classes, such as fitness classes in Dublin being offered by one of the premier gyms in the area, The Dartry Health Club. But the fitness class you opt for should fit your fitness goals as well. You have to determine what exactly you want to achieve – and only then can you find the right class for your needs.

If you want to lose weight:

If your aim is to lose as much weight as you can, you can opt for fitness classes that focus on cardiovascular exercise, endurance, calorie-burning, and intense training. Fitness classes that can help you lose weight include indoor cycling or rowing, treadmill classes, boot camp, kickboxing, and dance classes.

Whilst it’s true that most any fitness class will help you lose that unwanted weight, you want to maximise your time as well. For this, you need classes that concentrate on big movements for the entire body and which bring up your heart rate.

If you want to become stronger:

If your aim is to gain overall strength, then you can opt for different kinds of fitness classes, such as strength training, circuit, sculpting, and boot camp. These fitness classes concentrate on the development of muscles with ample use of weights, medicine balls, barbells, and the like. One tip: if it is your very first time to join this kind of fitness class, try out a few various weight sizes to see which ones feel best.

If you are training for a marathon or other walking/running event:

Marathons have become ever more popular, especially in Ireland. If your aim is to train for a marathon or other kind of walking or running event, you can opt for fitness classes such as running classes, treadmill workout routines, indoor rowing or cycling, Pilates or Yoga, or core training. These classes centre on cardio and endurance as well as flexibility and stamina, so they are great for those who would like to train for a marathon. These types of fitness classes, whilst not focusing too much on the strength of your upper body, will help you attain a stronger core in order to endure a challenging marathon.

Of course, to augment your fitness goals, you can also opt for a more personalised service and support from a personal trainer. If you reside in Dublin, a personal trainer in Dublin can be easy to find, particularly if you go to the right gym or health club – but in this regard, when choosing a trainer, make sure they carefully understand your goals and objectives as well.



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