How to Engage Your Loved Ones in the Care They Receive

When you have to face the challenges of taking care of a loved one each day you can become overwhelmed and your own health and well-being can suffer. Hiring a carer can provide you with the break that you need and the independence that your loved one needs to have the quality of life to which they are accustomed. Finding the right agency that provides well-trained, experienced carers, who have a caring and compassionate nature can give you the rest that you need and the attention that your loved one deserves. When it’s time to find a carer you should engage your loved one in the process if possible so that they will feel like they are part of the decisions made about their lives.  To encourage participation and support you can use some of the following techniques to involve your loved one in the support that they get in their own home each day.

  • When you want to arrange 24 hour care at home for a loved one, you should talk regularly and openly about what the experience will involve and how independent your loved one can be in their own home. Keep everyone updated on how you are searching for a carer and who this person is once the agency has assigned them to your loved one.
  • Periodically you and your loved one should evaluate the services that are being given and make any changes with the carer and their agency. You may want them to try new strategies or methods of getting your loved one to accomplish daily tasks which they are reluctant to do. Once a routine has been established and everyone agrees on its effectiveness, real progress can be made for both the carer and your loved one.
  • Suggest that your loved one engage in hobbies that they enjoy and to pursue new ones with the help of their carer. These activities can improve self-confidence, build a positive attitude and maintain their health and well-being through a happy lifestyle.
  • If your carer is willing, they may want to work with your loved one on new technology that can keep them in touch with family and friends who live some distance away. They can try social media or other formats that allow them to speak with and see their grandchildren even though they live far away. There are many benefits to having a carer in the home of your loved one; from tackling regular tasks to teaching new and exciting ones, the carer can make a big difference in the life of your loved one.

Finally, the carer and your loved one may want to develop a calendar for daily events so that they can visually see the activities in which they are participating. When your loved one sees just how busy they are, life can take on new meaning and they will feel as if they are accomplishing a great deal each day. By taking part in creating the calendar events your loved one will be directly engaged in the care that they are receiving.



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