How to remove lines and wrinkles decade after decade

The anti-aging industry is worth billions worldwide and with its subsequent marketing omnipresence, it’s hard to feel like you’re ever doing enough to keep those youthful looks of yours.

You probably didn’t know that the epidermal aging process starts affecting everyone from around the age of 25. Skin progressively gets thinner, drier and ultimately more fragile, especially vulnerable against harsh and damaging sun rays.

That’s when you can visibly start noticing changes on the surface of your skin and when it suddenly becomes a priority to remove lines and wrinkles. However, not all methods and treatments are always good for you. It all depends on your age: overdoing it too young and too soon can be dangerous and have disastrous effects.

In your twenties

When you’re twenty, the skin is still packed-full of collagen, keeping it firm and allowing for it to regenerate quickly. For this reason, applying an effective, good-quality hydrating cream in the morning should amply suffice.

A night eye cream isn’t useful until around 30 – that’s when wrinkles and lines tend to appear around the eye area. Washing your face every day in the morning as well as in the evening is a must too.

In your thirties

After 30, the metabolism begins to slow down a little and your body doesn’t perform as well when it comes to renewing skin cells and producing collagen. That’s typically when lines and skin dehydration will starts showing.

For some, the usual hydration regimen will remain a good measure.

For the rest of us, anti-aging cream packed with specific composants to target and slow down the skin aging process will become strongly advisable. You should apply them twice a day on the face, without omitting the neck area.

In your forties

Passed 40, expression lines will become more prominent also around the nose, mouth and neck. You can opt for a night cream to top off the usual treatment. Plant-based anti-aging serum can also be an option depending on the state of your skin.

Serums are some of the most expensive anti-aging products out there, but they’re highly concentrated in ingredients that are recognised by experts to be very powerful. Another good idea would be to choose an anti-UV face cream to counter off sun damage as much as possible.

In your fifties

The skin starts to change even more with the menopause. It tend to get much thinner and to produce considerably less sebum. As a consequence, it will get drier. That’s also when age spots start to show. But despite their name, age spots are not exactly linked to getting older. In fact, they are more directly associated with sun damage: the more damage is accumulated, the more they will show.

Anti-aging creams should be preferred to anti-wrinkles creams in your fifties: the former will be your best allies to fight off wrinkles, skin sagginess and unwanted spots.

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