Is a Coach the Key to Successful Workplace Health Initiative for Your Organization?

The key to success when implementing executive health plans and initiatives in the workplace is participation. Sometimes, that takes a little bit of encouragement. Some employees may be reluctant to embrace change. Some may not even understand they need to make healthier choices and lifestyle changes. That is where a coach can make a world of difference for the overall success of your employee wellness program. These are just a few ways coaches can improve active participation among your employees.

Explain Wellness Benefits to Employees

Some employees simply do not understand the various wellness benefits for employees that employers provide. Bringing a coach in allows each person someone to discuss his or her benefits with, ask questions, get answers, and seek guidance. Employees will never take full advantage of wellness initiatives at work until they understand the benefits that are available to them. One of the biggest advantages coaches provide to employees is information – and advantage that is worth its weight in gold when it comes to encouraging participation.

Coaches Provide Support to Employees

Coaches are also great for providing support to employees who need a little help understanding their current health conditions or needs. Whether the support involves coming up with a plan of action to improve overall health, to address specific health concerns, and to treat existing health needs.

Coaches Offer Encouragement

Sometimes employees need a little nudge in the right direction to stay on top of things like their annual executive health assessment visits or participate in wellness initiatives at work – no matter how good for them these initiatives happen to be. This encouragement can come in the form of a supportive voice offering a friendly smile or a “boot camp” of sorts that offers a little sterner motivation.

Ultimately, the goal of all coaches is to help employees reach their health and fitness goals, then raise the bar and set new goals for improved wellness and a happier, healthier state of mind. This is what makes coaches such a critical component for successful workplace programs for companies that are dedicated to improving employee health.

What’s in it for the employer?

Employers who offer robust corporate wellness services are taking active steps to engage employees, to prevent negative long-term health conditions from ruining the good health and happiness of their employees, and improving their profitability by boosting attendance, increasing productivity, and keeping employees active, engaged, happy, and loyal to the company. This causes less turnover and increases income and productivity all around.

The first step, of course, is to find an executive health clinic in Toronto that you feel is a good match for your needs and forge a relationship that will benefit your employees and your business. By taking care of executive health in Toronto you are giving your business the foundation it needs to meet goals of productivity and growth for many years to come.

By working with an effective coach as part of your corporate wellness services, you are helping your employees overcome actual and perceived barriers to their personal health and fitness successes. Finally, you need to create a team of people within your organization who are devoted to helping your employees participate fully in your wellness program so everyone can enjoy the benefits that are available to them and you can grow even stronger as a result.

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