Keep Your Ears Open for Expert Ear Care Tips

Do you often have to ask someone to repeat their words twice even when they are standing or sitting very near to you? Do you often feel extreme ear ache or ringing in your ears? Do you feel that one of your ears remains blocked and you are able to hear properly through only one ear? If you can identify with any of these conditions, it is time to get a thorough check of your ears and open your eyes to bad ear care practices. A slight deterioration of hearing capability is common during old age, but when you start hearing less during youth, there is cause for concern.

Ear Hygiene:

  • Clean your ears regularly with ear buds. Soft, cotton ear buds are the best for removing dirt and extra wax that blocks your ears. Not just the inner ears, but you must also wipe your outer ears and ear lobes well. If you are wearing earrings, make sure you remove them and clean your ear lobes well. Cleaning with alcohol is the best solution.
  • If you are facing ear ache due to excessive build-up of wax, use ear drops such as Otex. With these easy -to-use ear drops, you can easily treat your ear pain at home. However, if you are facing a severe case of ear pain that persists for more days, do visit a doctor for a thorough cleaning of your ears. Otex is known to quickly break up wax to clear blockage so that you can hear as clearly as possible within a few minutes. At times, ear pain can be really excruciating and reaching out to doctor is not always possible.
  • An occasional hearing problem may not be serious as it occurs to all due to wax accumulation in the ears.

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Never insert sharp objects like pins, needles, or forks to clean your ears. You must teach this well to children. Doing this may cause permanent damage to your ears.
  • Some ear infections can cause drainage from the ears. See your doctor quickly in such cases. Kids are more prone to ear infections.
  • Wear earplugs if your residence or work area is located in a high-noise zone. Avoid playing extremely loud music.
  • If your eardrum is damaged, you are bound to suffer from hearing problems. Get yourself diagnosed from an ear specialist doctor.
  • If you are suffering from balance problems or if you hear weird sounds, consult your doctor as there could be problems with your middle ear.
  • While you are performing underwater activities, wear ear plugs else you could risk damaging your ears due to water accumulation.
  • Prevent ear injuries by wearing protective gear like helmets while driving, skiing or performing other risky activities.
  • Protect your ears from extremes of temperatures; else the nerves in the ears get affected leading to earache.
  • If you suspect an ear infection or excess of ear wax, measure the temperature of your ears using an ear thermometer. These conditions cause great temperature variations.

It is best to use an ear thermometer on kids as other methods like rectal and oral temperature measurement seem difficult.

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