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Proper Etiquette for Your Apartment’s Gym

One of the benefits of living in an upscale apartment community is typically access to a great onsite gym facility. Yet, without proper attention to gym etiquette, you could quickly become the one neighbor that everyone hates to see walk into the fitness center. Here are some etiquette tips to keep in mind as you head to the gym to enjoy a workout.

Be Considerate of Others

Everyone enjoys their tunes while working out, but that doesn’t mean your fellow neighbors want to enjoy your tunes. Wear earbuds or headphones when listening to music, and keep the volume at a reasonable level so that everyone can enjoy their own entertainment. If you are bringing in a phone, turn the ringer to vibrate and step outside if you must have a conversation.

Share Nicely

Try to remember that everyone wants a great workout and may need similar equipment to accomplish their workout. Don’t hover over a machine you want if someone is using it, because you will make them feel rushed. There should be ample machines for you to try. Similarly, if you are working out during the busy time, do not hog a machine, but shorten your workout to give everyone a chance.

Keep Your Germs Away

No one wants to come to the gym and leave with the stomach flu. If you are sick, but still want to work out, consider a walk on the outdoor walking path, but leave the gym for when you are feeling better. If you are the one who started the flu epidemic in your apartments complex, your neighbors will find out.

Focus on Safety

An apartment fitness center is not monitored in the same way a commercial gym is, with staff waiting to help you with the process. You need to keep safety a priority for yourself and your neighbors. This means leaving young children at home and putting equipment away when you are done. It also means knowing how to use equipment before starting.

An apartment community fitness center is a great asset for the community’s residents. Ensure that yours remains an asset, and you don’t make any enemies in the process, by giving proper attention to etiquette.

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