Steps to Take When Seeking a Rehab for Substance Abuse

If you’re searching for a drug rehab facility to overcome substance abuse, there are certain steps you should take in order to ensure you find the best facility possible. This will ensure the success of any individual who’s trying to detoxify and quit their addiction to any drug, and it will also result in long-term success without relapse. Continue reading to learn more.

Determine the Right Type of Treatment Facility

There are a variety of drug recovery programs and options out there, and not all of them are the same. For example, some of them require that you attend daily and that you participate in group programs. Others will require inpatient stays for specific periods of time, especially when detoxifying and recovering.

  • A residential program will require that you live in a treatment facility. You’ll also attend individual counseling sessions, as well as group counseling and other activities that will help you quit your addiction and stay clean. Short programs typically range from 28 to 30 days, while longer programs can last 90 days.

  • Outpatient programs will often treat people for just a few hours every day over the course of several weeks. You don’t need to live in the facility and can instead remain at home utilizing the variety of options provided by these programs.

  • Therapy and group support are also helpful, and these sessions often meet either daily or weekly, though there are other schedules available. Many organizations, including volunteer groups, community centers, churches, and accredited facilities, offer this as an option.

  • You can also seek out individual therapy from a Board Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, who can guide you in the right direction for the treatment you need both during detox and afterward.

  • If you need medical intervention because of your addiction, particularly because of the withdrawal symptoms that come with detox, it’s best to seek help from a drug treatment center like Beachway Therapy to ensure your safety and success.

Take Advantage of 12-Step Programs

12-step recovery programs are great at helping addicts that are really struggling, and even the National Institute on Drug Abuse feels that this is an important part of any addict’s recovery. The steps will provide you with social support, as well as help you when it comes to maintaining healthy habits for the rest of your life. By moving from one step to the next, you’ll note your own progress, and this can help you realize that being sober is definitely possible.

Opt for a Facility That Provides Aftercare

A lot of people end up relapsing because they don’t find a rehab program that includes aftercare. Even though it may seem like you’re fine after your detox, the truth is that you still need to work on maintaining your sobriety months and years after. Therefore, find a facility that provides sufficient aftercare, including individual and/or group counseling, and follow the instructions closely.

Remember, the first step in recovering from substance abuse is recognizing you have a problem, but in order to quit successfully, you’ll need help from loved ones and professionals.

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