What All Options Biobanking Software Provides

Bio-banks also known as a repository for biological samples are more significant these days than their invention in the 1900s. They play a very significant role in proliferation of life saving research areas like genomics or personalized medicine. The clientele list of bio-banks includes pharmaceutical companies, non-profit firms, hospitals and universities. To serve the clients well biobanking organizations must be able to efficiently store, curate, maintain access and document the wide variety of specimens in an organized and timely manner. To achieve this bio-banks have to rely on a collection of software’s. There are three basic kinds of software and their functions are mentioned below.

Customized Off-the-Shelf Software: This is the most simple and least expensive software available for biobanks to handle their collection. Firms providing this software, offer support online and telephonically, however they do not give in house maintenance and installation, which is a major drawback. These companies will have to have a well-trained and experienced staff with the right expertise to set up the system in order to perform well within the given parameters. In addition, the biobank has to adapt to the software instead of the software confirming to the workflow and procedures of the biobank. It is necessary to create extra spreadsheets and reports in order to track information, which is not inherent in the software.

Customized Software: The customized software includes the COTS system and changes it according to the requirements of the specific biobank. However this software comes a little expensive than the ordinary COTS software and provides customer flexibility within the parameters. The cost can easily increase if the system is modified radically.

Custom-Written Software: This software is the ultimate solution to manage biobank workflow but it costs a lot. This customized system ranges from twenty to twenty five million dollars depending on the size and requirements that the client demands. This software has to be changed and modified with time depending on the growth of the biobank, which means a lot of dependency on the team that has developed the software to start with. Since the turnover in the computer science industry is high and keeps changing, it is uncommon for the same group, which has developed the software to be giving the services in the years ahead hence leaving the biobank stranded when the time for expansion comes.

Hybridization software: This is the best choice when it comes to biobank software’s. It offers the flexibility of customization at the cost of COTS software. Few companies do offer this option but in that case, it is important for the biobanks to check if the systems offered are scalable, and if they do charge per user fee. In addition, find out whether they run on a range of operating systems. This is the best choice for the progressive specimen tracking institutions as offer the best affordable prices and the most enabled tracking system.

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